The Detox Cookbook - Testimonials


We get a lot of great feedback to our ebooks, here's a small sampling!

My picky kids love the Porcupines and the corn chowder - thank you! It's challenging to feed a family when I detox so recipes like this really help!
             - Nicole

Thank you so much for the detox recipes. I made quite of few things from your two cookbooks. My favorites were your Mexican Rice, detox smoothie and egg fry-up. I made a batch of brown rice just as you suggested and I never had to struggle with what to eat. Thanks again, I don't know if I could have done the 12 days with out you. Tomorrow is my last day and I have lost 6 pounds and feel great!
             - Brenda

Awesome stuff, but i have to ask: when's vol 3?? :)
             - Marti

I really loved your first ebook so much Corilee (it saved me from cheating more than once!!) but the second one is even better! Love love love the easy 80/20 breakdowns, thanks again!
             - Jill

I only survived my last detox because of your cookbooks! I didn't realize how hard it would be to cut or minimize so many foods from my diet. I depended on your recipes to keep me on track - and I lost 5 pounds!
             - Nikky

Thank you for your smoothie recipe. I live on smoothies and it's great to not have to go looking for new post-workout breakfast options just because I'm detoxing.
             - Jay

There's nothing worse than standing in your kitchen during a detox thinking, "what can I eat??". Your recipes really help Corilee, thanks.
             - Len

Corilee - I am just reading this now and want to THANK you for posting this recipe. I am contemplating a fall cleanse and trying to get psyched-up (heavy sigh) This recipe makes a fall cleanse sound exciting!! : )
             - Joanne

Hey Corilee, I love your dialogue, enthusiasm and ideas. As a fellow foody, I am always overwhelmed by the can't eat list, so when I can't reach for crackers and one of the many cheeses in my fridge, I am stumped. I miss the alcohol the most. But it is only 12 days, not months, and feeling virtuous is not something I enjoy too often. Thanks for the inspiration.
             - Tracy

Ooh, that sounds so good! I get like that, too, Corilee, where I feel like a good cleansing is in order. And I love Bok Choy! One of my favorite veggies. When we visit Hong Kong, I live on bok choy with garlic! Please keep on with your recipes!
             - Regina

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