The Detox Cookbook - About Corilee

More about Corilee

I'm a yoga teacher as well as a day jobber, a blogger and a Mom of two busy little boys. I'm also someone who loves food. I love nothing more than having an great dinner with a glass of red wine, or two if it's a Saturday night. Because I love food, I try to keep things in balance. I eat healthy as often as I can and do the Wild Rose detox once or twice a year.

But I know how hard detoxing can be. There's simply nothing worse than coming home hungry at dinnertime and you can't find anything to eat. Or knowing that in 40 long minutes you can sit down to yet another boring bowl of brown rice.

Buy NowAs a foodie and home cook this is the challenge I've put to myself - I should be able to eat well while I detox. I want to be able to eat well enough that I don't count the days until the detox ends. I want to have favorite recipes that I come back to even when i'm not detoxing.

I want to share the best ideas with you so that you too can avoid those detox killer dinnertime blues. Check out the list of recipes and the testimonials. Enjoy the cookbooks - I hope you too find recipes that you love. Happy detoxing!